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Beverley Transport Services – professional & specialist boat transport for over 25 years.

Beverley Transport Services have been helping owners move every conceivable kind of boat by road, for more than 25 years. We are now so well established, that most of our customers have become firm friends.

We’ve moved all kinds of boats from all kinds of locations to destinations throughout the Uk.

Our custom built vehicles, with air suspended trailers provide a safe and secure platform for the road transportation of yachts, motor cruisers, fishing and workboats.

Beverley Transport now offers its own fully compliant Escort vehicles with professional and experienced drivers to escort the larger boats safely to their destination as and when required.

BTS  have been involved in boat transport for over twenty years and have established an enviable reputation for care and proficiency. All our people treat all the vessels we handle as if they were our own – it’s a pride thing!

We liaise with marinas & boatyards to plan collection & delivery. Where necessary, we deal with police and traffic agencies to facilitate the safe movement of abnormal loads.

We frequently  go beyond the normal procedures of boat transport, having collected boats from fields, backyards, industrial estates, gardens and even from remote Scottish islands!

We regard our customers as friends and receive a lot of  repeat business.

Recommendation is the best advertising!

Transporting a Boat by Road: Getting Started

Following a customer’s initial enquiry, we begin the meticulous planning  process that ensures a trouble free move for the boat, the owner and ourselves.

Initially a verbal contact will be made to establish a maximum and minimum price range for the move. This has to take into account the probable time and  distance involved, the boat dimensions, any special escort requirements, and of course the potential to be matched with other traffic etc.

With those parameters established, we then set about planning the safest, most economical and efficient movement procedures for the boat.

At any one time we may have up to fifty “live” enquiries. And although they will not all be delivered by us [unfortunately], they provide a matrix or draft timetable, allowing  journeys to be linked and expensive “empty running” eliminated or at least reduced to a minimum.

We are constantly contacting customers to outline prospects for matched traffic and may be able to offer an advantageous median price – subject to the potential links being confirmed. At this point the customer may accept, refuse or defer the movement.

The objective is to fit all the various factors into a working combination – creating an opportunity for everyone to benefit from a cost effective, safe and efficient boat move

Each week, plans are carefully drawn up for the following week, enabling bookings to be made with all parties. (With some busy boatyards bookings may have to be made much sooner)

Police will be notified of “Abnormal Load Movements” where appropriate, escort vehicles booked if required and boatyards and marinas advised of arrival times.

We do ask that customers help us by preparing the boat for transport with a number of basic tasks.

Making your boat safe for transport by road

  • All ornaments and unsecured items inside the boat should be placed on the floor or beds and covered with cushions. (The boat will get a comfortable ride on our air suspended trailers but delicate items should be protected or removed)
  • Gas bottles and batteries should be turned off and isolated.
  • Hazardous materials must be removed
  • Radar arches, radio aerials and lighting gantries should be lowered or removed.
  • Splash screens should be removed or protected unless they are very strong and permanently fixed.
  • In almost all circumstances canopies should be removed. Many owners baulk at this but, apart from the obvious damage implications, torn or loose canvas could become detached and blow onto a following motor-cyclist.
  • Yacht masts should be placed on top of the boat wherever possible, carefully wrapped and insulated from vibration and chafing.
  • Ropes and fenders should be stowed safely.
  • These tasks should normally be carried out by the owner and / or boatyard staff but our drivers and attendants will help with safe stowage.
  • Any keys or paperwork requirements should be agreed in advance.

Loading procedures prior to boat transport

Boatyards and Marinas with cranes or hoists will have a crew of qualified operatives to load the boat onto our trailer.

We work together to ensure that the craft is safely placed on the vehicle, the keel lowered onto padded blocks on the the chassis, and the hull supported with adjustable padded arms. Ensuring that  the boat is safely “cradled” for transport by road.

The boat is then inspected for damage and if the owner is absent, pointed out to the loading team. The owner may be called and the damage photographed.

The travelling height of the load is carefully measured, ensuring that the vehicle will pass safely along the selected route (We can check the height against known bridge limits and ensure that the chosen route is safe.

More risky is the potential damage caused by low branches of trees especially after periods of rain. Hence our insistence on the removal of canopies and other vulnerable items.

Having stowed any ropes and fenders safely within the boat, the load is then strapped to the trailer.

As the journey progresses – especially in the early stages – frequent stops are made to check the security and safe condition of the boat.

Company History

The business was established initially as a HGV/PSV driver agency.

After several years of diversification and growth the business was incorporated as a Limited Company.

Boat transportation started more or less as a sideline using a borrowed trailer. The main activity of the business was refrigerated transport. Boat transport developed alongside the growth of Hull Marina which became home for the vehicles from around 1995.

Our first boat trailer is commissioned – converted from a car transporter!
Boat transport developed separately from the other activities until it became a significant part of the business.
(Doug  kept the work to himself as it was a way of getting to nice places meeting nice people and generally getting paid for the privilege!)
But good though the work was, it didn’t seem enough to “stand alone” and cease the other activities of the company. Looking back, how wrong we were!

Neil, who had been working  for BTS since 1987, is invited to take on the movement of boats, and takes to it like a duck to water!
The company is now established as a professional boat haulier which justifies the purchase of another trailer.
A Special Types  custom built boat trailer is refurbished and converted to air suspension. The old axles from this trailer are used to upgrade our original trailer.

The late nineties see a growth of boat movements and by 2000 the other activities  are phased out.
We now serve a wide spectrum of customers ranging from private boat owners to  boat builders, fishermen, brokers, marinas and boatyards.

Trailer 3 is built and we now have two road going trailers and a spare.
Contacts are built up with the fishing community through our friends at the excellent website FindAFishingBoat.com

New blood and a new perspective. Paul joins the business. Doug reverts to the office and sets out to develop the business more efficiently.

Recent years have seen the increasing involvement of the wider family

Responding to improved work levels, the ‘bargain basement’ Renault is replaced by ‘Dafney’ a newer unit for Paul. Alex, Paul’s son travels as ‘second man’ when free from studies at school and gets involved with IT systems helping to keep the business up to date.

Paul gets his head into books and gains the Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence. This helps to keep the business up to date with ‘compliance’, maintenance and operational issues. Meanwhile Sue (Pauls wife) brings computing skills to the business and takes over the accounting role.

The long hard winter of 2012-2013 was both climatically and economically hard to endure. Nevertheless, we have continued to invest. Trailer 4, commissioned after a long, frustrating search is now starting to earn it’s keep. With all this support from the family, Doug at last finds time to complete the long-promised book. ‘Keels on Wheels’ should become a manual for boat owners and movers!

With more Police forces requiring an Escort service to accompany the movement of larger vessels we have now commissioned our own Escort vehicle with professional and experienced drivers. 2014 also saw us replace the DAF Tractor Unit. After giving BTS over 1,200,000 kms of reliable service the DAF was replaced by a newer environmentally friendly vehicle, a Scania R440 with a LEZ Compliant Euro 5 engine.

March 2015 – Doug’s retirement! – After being in the Transport industry for over 35 years, developing our company from a driver agency, general haulage,refrigerated haulage and then into our ‘boatsbyroad’ Specialised Boat Transport company, Doug, the founder of BTS,  has decided its time to hand over the reigns to son Paul. After Doug’s well earned holiday in America he came back to put his feet up, to enjoy retirement and who knows, maybe write another book? However, you may find him keeping his hand in driving the Escort Vehicle from time to time. We are also sure he will continue to keep us on our toes.  We, together with family, friends and all of our customers wish him a very long and happy retirement.   April 2015 , Another trailer, a tri-axle extendable boat trailer on air suspension with EBS brakes equipped to carry motor cruisers and yachts joins the fleet.